Smoke Session – Strawberry Creme CO2 from Landrace Labs

Ooohh, what’s that Dogtown Pioneers aroma? Strawberry strains are a favorite of mine but I still have the same reaction every time I haven’t smelled one in a while: this doesn’t smell like strawberries! The strawberry strains don’t have the uncanny aroma Read More

Smoke Session – Lemon OG from Gabriel Cannabis

Lemon OG by Gabriel Cannabis Have a Heart Fremont 316 N 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103 (first published on The royal Gentleman Toker recently noticed that I haven’t been reviewing anything but concentrates. “Too much cannabis oil” -HAH! Lay Read More

Smoke Session – Alien Orange Cookies by From the Soil Farms

Welcome back to another i502drew cannabis review, Gentleman! I’ve been reading all of GT’s articles and guides trying to discover the secret behind his success. Does his readership actually identify as depressed werewolves? Does he? And what is a slime Read More