Retailer Rating – Uncle SIKE

Uncle Ike’s

Seattle (Central District, Capital Hill)

 Ian Eisenberg is a scourge among scumbags

Sleazy Tourist Bullshit-

I’m not gonna waste my time on this one. Everyone ends up receiving the equivalent of a fat lump of coal presented in a fancy stocking. Apparently handing over cold hard cash isn’t the right type of ‘nice’ for Uncle Ike. If you’re really the type that must find things out for yourself (I am!), visit Uncle Ike’s when you’re feeling incredibly lucky. . . and you wouldn’t mind being disappointed. That rumble beneath your feet would be Bob Marley weeping in his grave. Now, now, settle down Bob, they didn’t know. . .


Stuff I Like

Stuff I Don’t Like

  • Unbeatable prices on select items

  • limited parking space/congested intersection

  • very few products on display

  • no chance to choose budtender

  • rude, pushy, and dishonest service

  • even quality brands end up being bullshit?!


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