Retailer Rating – Have a Heart

Have a Heart

Belltown, Fremont, Greenwood, Skyway, Bothell, Ocean Shores

Have a Heart is one of Washington’s largest cannabis corporations, but not without reason

Have a Heart entered the recreational cannabis market in Washington State having already made a name for itself as a medical marijuana dispensary. No other company seemed to match their veracity in acquiring multiple retail licenses spread across the entire Seattle area. Between their six locations they offer an incredibly wide-ranging menu of mostly solid products. It’s pretty obvious that their biggest hiring priority is appearance but they’ve partially moved on from the ‘cocktail waitress at a strip club’ look, so good for them. Whether or not that means all the scantily clad sluts are now giving blowjobs at the corporate office I couldn’t say. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Save your first-timer discount for a bulk purchase since it can be used on multiple items at once.

Stuff I Like

Stuff I Don’t Like

  • frequent sales on top shelf product

  • discounts available on first visit

  • product displays make excellent “visual menus”

  • attentive sales people

  • menu has something for everyone

  • slow to remove out-of-stock items from menu

  • busy store, budtenders can be pushy

  • pricing is hit or miss without discounts

  • no parking lot (Seattle stores)

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