Retailer Rating – Main Street Marijuana

Main Street Marijuana

Vancouver, Vancouver(east), Longview

Main Street Marijuana is like a nice jewelry store without the customer service and an atmosphere a whole lot more like a pawn shop.

As you enter, you’ll be fed into the herd of customers circling the display cases. Products are kept low to ground and it’s difficult to see anything up close, save for a few featured items. Ask to see one and they’ll use their trusty security key to slide open the rear panel and present you with the display item. Ask to see another, and the first one goes back in its original display. When you make your final choices, a budtender will write them down hand you a ticket, leaving you to realize most of the herd is simply waiting to have their number called at the back counter.

Go ahead, take a few laps. Feel free to change your mind at this point but don’t be surprised if you leave feeling like you just held up the drive-thru line at Jack in the Box.

They undoubtedly serve a diverse group of customers here but this store is best left for the locals and those who know what brand (not just what strain) they want without taking a closer look. Other than that, I can’t imagine people actually feel comfortable being charged for a white paper bag without even being shown what’s inside. I wonder how strictly they force that no return policy if the prizes inside don’t match up with what you intended to pay for. . .


Stuff I Like
Stuff I Don’t Like
  • allows leisurely browsing
  • crammed parking lot
  • order queue designed to hide products until after purchase
  • large menu lacks focus; quality choices are typical top sellers


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