Rather than being a commercial enterprise, I’d consider The Weed Watch a think tank for my multi-layered passion for cannabis legalization. Call it a one-man intellectual online gang, if you will (my fellow inmates called me a one man gang, but that’s another story).

So why should you visit?

Here’s five reasons you might consider reading The Weed Watch:

  1. Like it or not, Jeff Sessions is right about one thing: the cannabis industry’s lack of confluent regulations provides an attractive arena for any business to get away with public safety violations, deceptive marketing, and a slough of prohibited practices that are strictly enforced by federal agencies in all other industries. Let’s prove him wrong!
  2. Everyone deserves access to safe and sustainably grown cannabis despite the fact they may have never lived on a California mountainside surrounded by booby traps and Ukrainian-bred wolf dogs
  3. You’ve squished weed with a heated hair straightener but all you got was a piece of brick weed and a broken hair straightener
  4. It worked! My god, the terps are amazing! But now your girlfriend needs her hair straightener and all you’ve got is hash oil and a broken hair straightener
  5. You have no idea what I’m talking about anymore (it’s a method of making homemade hash)

The truth is, whether your interest in legal cannabis ranges from “is that a marihuana cigarette?” to “I’d fuckin’ die without weed, man!”, my mission with The Weed Watch is the same: provide you with the resources and information needed to make satisfying, safe purchases of legal cannabis!

More importantly, no matter where you fall on any political, economic, or other spectrum, cannabis legalization is our chance to express our views and not only be heard, but listened to! The legalization of cannabis in the United States is the epitome of a grass roots movement (even without the on-point pun) and the way that individual states go about doing it sends BIG messages to politicians and business people, and law enforcement in every nook and cranny of American society. Participating in the bipartisan progress of legalization can have incredible impact in society at large, whether it be for social justice, economic or healthcare reform, improved agricultural practices, and much, much more! 

Still need to be persuaded?

That’s good. Let me tell you a bit more about myself and my goals as a legalization activist. Or, for a bit of background on The Weed Watch, skip to getting starting.