Smoke Session – Alien Orange Cookies by From the Soil Farms

Welcome back to another i502drew cannabis review, Gentleman!

I’ve been reading all of GT’s articles and guides trying to discover the secret behind his success. Does his readership actually identify as depressed werewolves? Does he? And what is a slime monster?

I’m pretty sure he’s not talking about the ghoulish mucous ball I choked and gurgled out of my throat last week (with the help of a family-sized Listerine bottle) If I hadn’t seen it go straight down the drain I would’ve panicked and screamed “GET IT OFF ME!!” while running from the bathroom in terror. Whatever infected my throat did so whilst moving out of the basement room I subleased from a college student upon my return to Seattle. My strong suspicion is that by reusing a glass container that was exposed to the slimey bedroom, my fresh Lemon Cookies wax become host to a fungal slime monster or perhaps a bacterial one living invisibly on the glass surface. Yuck!

That’s not the kinda fungus we want amongst us, gentleman. Whether the slime monsters GT refers to are- wait a minute, what if I lived in a pear? what if my watch read 4:20 every hour, every day-

Take Me To Your Leader!

Ya know, after reading those Incubus lyrics from Fungus Amongus, the content here at The Weed Watch no longer seems like the incessant rambling and scatterbrained monologues that I thought it was. Maybe we should smoke some weed?

Did you know aliens bake cookies? I sure didn’t. And I certainly would’ve expected the cookies to be green, but they’re orange. Fascinating stuff. Ready for the next shocker? Aliens smoke weed too, dude!

Extra Terrestrial Baked Goods?

The secret to their Alien Technology is that it’s been growing in the Middle East the whole time. Damn! Makes you wonder whether the CIA told George W. Bush “Iraq is producing some devastatingly bomb kush, Mr. President” and either the President mistook ‘bomb kush’ or he heard loud and clear and I just figured out why he couldn’t seem to stop snickering during discussions about weapons of mass destruction. Either way, it’s a good thing that a member of the U.S. Armed Forces noticed that fighting terrorism takes place (by pure coincidence of course) near fields of giant Afghani landrace marijuana.

Get Yourself A Glass of Milk!

The jar and labeling From the Soil farms uses to package single grams is great and the contents are nice n’ smelly. Sweet, orange, and still very kushy. Orange Kush Kreamsicle anyone? Nugs are fully dry and completely trimmed. So far, so good.

Smokes smoothly with no crackling. The Afghani Kush flavor takes over on exhale and lower temps are needed to get the sweetest notes. Bigger hits deliver more upfront Kush power, however. You’ve even got choices in experiencing choice herbs!

A wake n’ bake has me feeling that I should get back in bed, but who am I kidding? That’s every day! The lasting effects are balanced and don’t rattle my focus or energy too much. Gives me the munchies and dry mouth.

I love it for the second half of my day. By that time, I can use the uplifting feelings to my advantage. The strong effects of Alien Orange Cookies by From the Soil are balanced such that they provide a low-stress sativa-dominated experience.

Get Your Own at The Stores Linked Below!

Until I stuck my nose into the spreadsheets, I didn’t realize that From the Soil Farms is top 10 producer in the state. No wonder they’re everywhere! Great price point, good strain selection, and grown in soil! What’s not to like?

I’ve been visiting Herb n Elements lately and I’m warming up to the place. They have two awesome farms at $10/g, each with a small but pleasant selection of strains. Grab yourself some From the Soil flowers and then check out Bondi Farms $10 gram options as well (review coming soon)! The nearby Greenside Recreational also stocks From the Soil products, so check out their strain collection as well!


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