FOI Request – Freya Recall

A few key documents from the Freya Farms recall about 5 months ago. Basically what you’re seeing is the enactment of quality assurance testing in Washington State.

1.)Pesticide results -Freya Farms Admin packet

7/18/2017 Official statement regarding pesticide residue (samples tested on 6/08/2017)

2.)Pesticide results (1)

7/20/2017 LCB responds to Freya’s lack of required recall plan

3.)Follow up items-Freya Farm administrative hold letter revised 7-26-17

7/26/2017 LCB specifies the products that Freya Farms must recall

4.)Freya Recall and 5.)Freya Recall-Warning IPM List

8/14/2017 Recall completed

6.)RE Dept of Ag (2)

8/16/2017 Dan Turner {LCB Agent) notices something in his draft folder


comprehensive list of effected products


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