Brand Benchmark – Rainier Acres

Rainier Acres

Value(4) Quality(4.5)

Rainer Acres did what a Washington State producer processor should do: Select their five best cultivars and stick to what works. The strains they offer are all solid and each have their own distinct character. Want a landrace sativa? Try their Durban Poison. Their other selections are excellent hybrids with Primus being the ‘heaviest’. It’s packed with the terpene caryophyllene, among others. My favorite is probably the Romulan Blue Dream, but Arcata Trainwreck and Pineapple Express are also well regarded. I’ve seen grams of flower retailing for $15 and even at that price, it’s not a bad value. The real upside to Rainer Acres comes when you can find one of their preferred retailers with their full product line starting at $10 per gram. That’s a good deal! Concentrates are good and their pre-rolled packs are spot on.

-Hard to find in Western WA

-No indica-only knockout strain

Recommended for flower and concentrate given you can find them in your area!

Buy them at Emerald Haze in Renton!

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